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I taught a variety of courses; every class had both a face-to-face and a web presence. At UCF, we use WebCT as our online engine and, while some of the buttons on each class website require password access, much is accessible to any who wish to see and use it.

In many of the course websites, you will find Power Point files that correlate to the course content. My approach is, I am sure, similar to that of many other instructors as I built the curricula. I went through the text, decided on the number of chapters to address, read the material and then designed the accompanying Power Point modules.

I use these modules as a kind of "electronic Cliff Notes" in that they are summaries of ideas that are important to understanding the content. The assumption (not always a wise one!) is that the students will review each module prior to coming to class. This allowed me to quickly skim the highlights depicted, and then concentrate on extensions of the ideas portrayed.

In 2002, I tried something new. With EduCast software, I added streaming audio tracks to one course, Instructional Design, and experimented with also adding a printed version of the audio. This complies with the adaptive technology Congressional legislation (P.L. 508).

If the Power Point modules are helpful to you, please feel free to take what is there and use it.

EME 5054 - Instructional Technology:Survey & Applications
EME 5056 - Communications for Instructional Systems - Process (Com I)
EME 5057 - Communications for Instructional Systems - Application (Com II)
EME 6705 - Administration of Instructional Technology
EME 6053 - Current Trends in Instructional Technology
EME 6313 - Media Systems Design
EME 6457 - Distance Education: Technology, Process and Product
EME 6613 - Instructional Systems Design
IDS 6938 - International Issues


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